Tenants Becoming Ill In ‘Unliveable’ Mould-Infested Cornwall Homes

Two neighbours have said that they are growing increasingly frustrated with a housing association after ongoing issues with mould and damp have caused their families to fall ill.

Jemma Wildman and Miss Greenaway live one door apart from each other on a street in Helston and have both said that their properties, provided by Sanctuary Housing, have had ongoing issues which have caused their families to develop a continuous cough.

Miss Wildman explained that she has had a leak in her roof since she moved into her home in 2020 which has now created a “serious mould problem” and has made her home “unliveable.”

“I reported the leak in the roof the Christmas of 2020 but they seemed to botch a fix when they came to repair it in last summer because I’m still having problems with it,” she said.

“After my most recent report, someone came to look at it again but it seems to be that it’s going to be a big job to repair because now I’ve had to be decanted from my home which was the last thing I wanted. She added that she was “heartbroken” when she found out that she needed to move between family members with her three young children over Christmas when her home became unfit to live in.

“Sanctuary gave us money to stay with family and friends while they look to repair the roof but nothing has been fixed yet and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating and distressing for my family”, she said. We’ve been living out of bags and we feel so unsettled. My son has special educational needs so it can really set him off being moved between so many different environments. It’s just heartbreaking that we’ve been left in this situation for so long and it feels like no one cares.”

Miss Wildman also explained that the damp and mould spores in her home have become so bad that she is not able to go back to her home without becoming ill.