Stockport Mum Says Rising Damp In Her Council Flat Means She Doesn’t Want To Come Home

Joanne Burgess, who lives in Brinnington, says that the issue could also be causing medical problems for her and her teenage daughter and five-month-old baby.

Joanne says that the issue has been going on for around four years, and has been confirmed by two contractors. She added: “They have seen the roof and it can’t be coming from above — our neighbours up there have no damp whatsoever. They sent two completely different people who both said it was rising damp — they both had a fresh pair of eyes to look at it.

Joanne has also contacted her MP, Navendu Mishra, about the problem — who in turn has spoken to Stockport Homes. The organisation has already carried out some re-plastering in the property, but Joanne says that more immediate action needs to be taken after the issue re-emerged.

She told the MEN : “I do not want to be here — I just don’t want to come home. It is really depressing, not nice. They need to sort it or move me. They know how much I am struggling. I understand there’s a pandemic on — but it needs to be sorted. It’s horrible.”