Mum with poorly daughter stuck in ‘dangerous house filled with damp’

A Merseyside family say they have ‘no choice’ but to continue living in a damp house.

A family has been left with no electrical appliances in her kitchen after excessive damp has been found. Linda said the issues with the house are even more challenging because her one-year-old daughter Lily has Type 1 diabetes. She claims the family are having to run an extension cable to keep their fridge on, which has her daughter’s life saving insulin inside. The issues at the home began after work started on the kitchen but was halted when excessive damp was found. The work was initially due to take around 10 days to complete.

Linda claims her family have been living in damp at the Garton Lane home since 2019 and she had reported it to her housing provider Your Housing Group. However the situation became worse when builders uncovered ‘sodden’ walls while doing work on the kitchen. Despite reporting the damp, they hadn’t requested for any work to be completed on the kitchen. They claim their housing provider insisted the work was carried out.