Mum Of Four Stuck In Mouldy House

A mum-of-four says she’s been living in a house covered in damp and mould for nearly five years and she’s at her wits end.

The three-bedroom house, owned by Trivallis Housing Association is;

  • Constantly freezing cold,despite leaving the heating on 24 hours a day.
  • The thought of her baby crawling around on the mouldy floors causes her anxiety and stress.
  • Condensation on her windows and doors.

Tara constantly tries to clear the mould off the walls and make her home as clean and safe as possible for her family, but it just keeps coming back. Trivallis has sent round inspectors to take a look at the problem in her home but Ms Law says the organisation “don’t seem to care”. “It’s stressful, the house is too small for us anyway,” Ms Law adds, saying she is sleeping downstairs with her baby so her eldest children don’t have to share a room.”I want them to deal with the jobs.”


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