Housing Association Pays Tenant £31,000 Over Neighbours Racism

Court found L&Q had misled black woman who was harassed by family and had to flee her home.

London & Quadrant (L&Q), which accommodates 250,000 people across London and the south-east. Ignored a code of practice on protecting tenants from racial harassment and was guilty of defensiveness and insensitivity.

Lara Tate (not her real name), a young black woman who lives alone, was forced to flee her London flat in 2015. She had suffered months of racist abuse from a neighbouring family that culminated in death threats. The couple were convicted of public order offences and racially aggravated harassment, but L&Q failed to evict them or to rehouse Tate, who felt too unsafe to return to the property, a converted house where she and the neighbours were the only occupants.