Fear Of Mouldy Home Will Make Catching COVID-19 Fatal!

A Brentford family of five are terrified that their mouldy home may worsen their chances of becoming seriously ill with coronavirus.

Mould and damp has appeared in all the rooms of a five bedroom house. The mould has even spread to the children’s toys. The family were forced to move the children into one bedroom to escape the mould around the house. They fear the living conditions will cut their chances of surviving coronavirus due to mould effecting the respiratory system. The issue between Hounslow Council and the family has been going on from 2017-2020. Despite visits from several surveyors, and even a legal battle the issue has not been resolved.

The third lockdown is going to be a lot harder on families suffering poor quality housing. It is your legal right to live without leaks, damp or mould. Call us today for free advice on 0800 047 2017 or text ‘HELP. to 82222.