Analysis Reveals Landlords Slowest To Comply With Housing Ombudsman Orders

Councils made up the five landlords with the worst record on complying with orders issued by the Housing Ombudsman within three months last year.

  • Manchester City Council, which owns nearly 16,000 homes, had the worst record in the sector in 2019/20 – it only complied with 20% of orders inside of three months and complied with 80% inside of six months.
  • Dacorum Borough Council, Newham Council, St Albans Council and District Council and Corby Borough Council, in that order, were the other landlords which performed worst at complying with orders inside of three months.
  • Newham Council tied with Manchester for the lowest percentage of order complied with after six months at 80%.
  • Gateway Housing Association, North Tyneside Council and Origin Housing, in that order, made up the other landlords among the five with the lowest percentage for this metric, according to the performance reports.
  • Redbridge Council had the highest maladministration rate of any social landlord in England; it was subject to at least five investigations by the ombudsman in 2019/20.
  • Shepherds Bush Housing Group (SBHG) had the second highest maladministration rate with 83%, while Gateway was third with 80%.

Manchester City Council, Newham Council or Redbridge Council did not respond to a request for comment in time to be included in this article.