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Are you frustrated that your housing association or council are not fixing any of the following issues?

Damp and mould related issues


Boiler and electrical issues

Structural defects

Roof, gutters, windows and drainage issues.

Health Issues

Do You Need Help Getting Your Home Repaired?

If your landlord has not repaired your home a month after you have complained about repair problems or rodent infestation, you are legally entitled to get a lawyer / solicitor to make your landlord repair your home for you and your family.

Your tenancy agreement will not be affected. We offer free housing appointments for one of our specialist housing team to visit you at your home to access the disrepair.

At this point we can either provide you with free specialist housing advice or refer you onto one of our panel Solicitors.

It is your legal right to live without constant leaks, damp, rotting windows, a broken boiler or rodent or cockroach infestation.

Nuovo Law panel solicitors have experience dealing with housing associations and councils across England and Wales., helping families across the country to get justice and their homes fixed.

It is possible to make a claim for housing disrepair yourself, for free, through the Housing Ombudsman.

Tenants Advice, trading style of Nuovo Law Ltd is a claims management company.

Examples of your landlords obligations to you:

  • Ensuring that your property is free from infestations.
  • Ensuring that the electricity supply is kept in repair and in proper working order i.e. all electrical wiring from the junction/fuse box to all sockets and light fittings within the property.
  • Ensuring that the exterior of the property is kept in repair to retain the structural integrity of the premises.
  • Ensuring that the radiators, gas pipes, boiler and all other gas/central heating related usages are kept in working condition.
  • Ensuring that any external guttering, drainage and all sanitation fixtures i.e. baths, toilets, sinks are kept in repair.
  • Ensuring that the building is free from damp and leaks.
  • Ensuring water supply is kept in repair and proper working order i.e. water pipes and all other water related usages.

About us

We bring together a team of experienced housing solicitors, building surveyors and housing inspectors to guarantee fast and reliable advice and help.

All our clients are treated with the utmost respect and you will have direct access to housing disrepair professionals that will help and advise you throughout the whole process. We do not want anyone to feel unsure or unaware of what is happening to their case at any time. Please see our what happens next guide to how your claim will be processed.

We do not take lightly our commitment to clients and assure you of our best care and attention at all times.

Tenants Advice is a claims company that is paid a referral fee for passing a claims on to a Solicitor.

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