What happens next

What happens next

If you have any questions during this process do not hesitate in contacting us. All our help is free of charge.
  • Step 1

    After our visit you will be called by a specialist housing Solicitor. They will discuss the next steps on how you will rid your house of damp and mold, their help provided on a ‘No Win No Fee Service’. The Solicitor will write to your landlord and give them one months notice, which is the landlords legal obligation of repair to a property.

  • Step 2

    Once one month has passed, if the landlord has not repaired the disrepair in your property we will instruct an independent surveyor to inspect your property and create a report on the disrepair of the property. You will receive a copy of this report, showing the real disrepair in your property.

  • Step 3

    The Solicitor will then make the landlord repair all of the issues found by the surveyor. The Solicitor will also look at reclaiming compensation for your loss of belongings and also for living in a property in disrepair.