Frequently asked questions

The type of tenancy agreement you have can affect your rights and responsibilities. Generally speaking, if you do not have exclusive use of any part of a property, you have a license to occupy. If you have exclusive use of part or the whole of the property, you are likely to have an assured or short-hold tenancy agreement. Our experienced team of advisers can help you establish your rights with regards to your individual circumstances. Simply complete our online claim enquiry form to establish your right to make a claim.

Your landlord is under no obligation to improve your property, however, they are legally required to carry out repairs in order to maintain the property and ensure your safety. They are specifically responsible for: The structure and exterior of the premises; Water pipes and instillations relating to water usage - such as baths, sinks, drainage systems and toilets; Gas pipes and electrical wiring; Heating systems (excluding cookers);

If you have a valid claim for housing disrepair, aside from compelling the landlord to repair your property, you can also claim compensation for: Inconvenience caused; Damage to personal property; Personal injury or ill health resulting from the disrepair - including respiratory illness caused by damp conditions; Any financial losses suffered as a result of the failure to rectify the disrepair.

No. Whether you are renting from the council, a housing association or a private landlord, you can make a claim for compensation regarding housing disrepair. You have specific rights as a tenant; our expert advisers can help you make your claim today.

We offer free housing appointments for one of our specialist housing team to visit you at your home to access the disrepair. At this point we can either provide you with free specialist housing advice or refer you onto one of our panel Solicitors. Should they succeed with your claim then they will deduct a percentage from the compensation. If the Solicitor does not succeed then they will not present you with a bill of costs. You can be rest assured that you will not be out of pocket as a result of the work done for you.

It is your legal right to live without constant leaks, damp, rotting windows, a broken boiler or rodent or cockroach infestation.

Each case is individual. The amount of compensation received is dependent on the severity of the disrepair, how long it has been an issue and the effect it has had upon you.

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